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DJ Application

Our Guidelines


Revised 08/25/2006

You MUST be willing to have fun, Have some music, and enjoy working for free.

All Djs MUST tag their music and clean up the names to look like a pro

In the radio world you can never have too many DJ's, so we at ZONED OUT are always taking DJ's
if for nothing else but as Back Ups till we have open shifts
All you need to get started is a few things.
You must have at least 300 songs to start training and the willingness to have FUN and be able to buy the DJ tool.

NOTICE: ALL Application's MUST Be Filled Out 100% Or We Will Not Look Into It !!!!
What is your real name?

E-mail address?

Have You Ever Been A DJ Before?
No Yes
If Yes, What Was the station?

If It Was A WSRN Station Why Did You Leave

Who Was Your Manager At The WSRN Station

Are you a current DJ?
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What is your planned DJ Name?

What time zone are you in?
If Other, Please Specify

USA State/Country of Residence?

Skype Messenger Addy (if any):

Yahoo Messenger Addy (if any):

What type of internet connection do you have?

Dial Up DSL Cable

When Is Your Birthday?
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If No Birth Date Is Enter On DJ Application - We Will Not Contact At All

Gender: Male    Female

Did someone refer you?
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If Yes, Who?

Please Go To this Link
(click "Los Angeles, CA")
and perform a speed test on your connection,
then report the upstream speed here:  SPEED TEST

Please tell us anything else we need to know, or anything else you want to share :o)

Read This Wavier Before Submitting
    I, the Releasor, being of lawful age, in consideration of being permittedto DJ, I require this release so that I can DJ for ZONED OUT RADIO, WAIVE,RELEASE, and DISCHARGE the Releasee, its owners, officers, directors, employees,members, agents, assigns, legal representatives and successors, and all business associates and partners involved with WILD SIDE RADIO, from all liability for or by reason of any content, broadcast, copyright laws, or any other laws that I, the Releasor may be not complying with, in consequence of my participation in the activity described above.

    I, the Releasor, understand that by copyright laws I have to have either play release forms from authors, bands, and/or singers to which I, the Releasor, play their music, and/or have legally purchased the music, songs, software and/or programs needed in my participation in the activity described above, that I, the Releasor, will be using for my activities with ZONED OUT RADIO, the Releasee.

    ZONED OUT RADIO, the Releasee, is under the assumption that all the music, songs, software and/or programs that I, the Releasor, use is obtained legally.

    Any such dispute or encumbrances happening in the past/present/future about the music, songs, software and/or programs used have been caused solely by the negligence of the Releasor.

I Agree With The Above Waiver